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User Comments

  • "What I like best about DeepInsight is its ease-of-use, accurate signals, profitability, and its inexpensive cost. In my opinion there is nothing else like it on the market at any price."
  • ------------------ DT USA
  • "DeepInsight is working quite well for me. It fits neatly between Omnitrader and Metastock. I use it to confirm Omnitrader's picks and then compare them with my indicator setup in Metastock. I'm getting pretty good signal consistency this way.
    Another thing I really like is the intraday data feature. Using a neural net/expert system in this way is very advantageous. For a reasonable price you are providing what other companies charge a lot more money for."
  • ------------------ JT USA
  • "I follow about 100 stocks and trade them actively with DeepInsight. Thanks for the great tool that brings my stock investing to a new level. My investment performance is significantly increased this year."
  • ------------------ JY USA
  • "I want to congratulate you on your new version of Deep Insight. I continue to believe it is an excellent tool in making buy and, even more importantly, sell decisions."
  • ------------------ GW USA
  • "I tried several neural network systems before. Some of them took me a few months to configure before I could use it. DeepInsight, however, is so easy to use. I only spent about 30 minutes to setup and start running."
  • ------------------ RB Germany
  • "I just upgraded to v2000i professional, absolutely love it! You have done a great job."
  • ------------------ IL Italy
  • "In my opinion, DeepInsight is far more advanced than other stock TA products."
  • ------------------ PT Switzerland
  • "DeepInsight gives me everything I need to trade US and UK stocks. Importing data to DI is really easy and quick in v2000i. For UK stocks, I import the data from my MetaStock database; for US stocks, I only need to click a button. Thanks for the great job."
  • ------------------ JS UK
  • "I have been using several investment software products. I think DeepInsight is by far the best in technology, easy of use and accuracy."
  • ------------------ SM Netherlands
  • "I have no idea how neural network works. But I have been using your neural network software successfully."
  • ------------------ GH Canada
  • "I like the Open Data Format feature that lets me easily import data from different stock markets."
  • ------------------ DL New Zealand
  • "I have bought deepinsight 2001 and it is more than great..."
  • ------------------ AM Egypt
  • "I am a registered user of DeepInsight. Congratutions for this wonderful product!"
  • ------------------ GA Cyprus
  • "Thanks a lot for your incredible product. I extremely increased my investment return using DeepInsight."
  • ------------------ A.Y.M Turkmenistan

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