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About DeepInsight
  • What is DeepInsight?
    DeepInsight is an algorithmic trading system built on years of quantitative research into market microstructure, stock trading patterns and computer artificial intelligence. It provides investors with algorithm-based trading strategies, objective and automated analysis for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and indices:
    1. Daily analysis and trading recommendation
      DeepInsight provides daily analysis, prediction and trading recommendations for stocks, market indices and mutual funds.
    2. ETF analysis and trading recommendation
      DeepInsight provides its users a powerful and sophisticated approach to analyze Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs) or tracking stocks such as QQQQ, DIA, SPY etc. Instead of analyzing the prices of ETFs directly, DeepInsight analyzes the underlying stocks of the ETFs and combine all underlying stock models to make the final judgment. This is a ground-up analysis and offers significant advantage.
    3. Test and optimize various trading strategies
      DeepInsight enables users to simulate various trading strategies and test the performance in walk forward fashion.
    4. Predict next 5 day stock price trend
      By digesting the market information, the expert system makes a judgement for the most-possible direction of the stock price in the next few days. Users can test how accurate it is day-by-day when run walk forward test.
    5. Scan the broad market for hot prospects
      There are a number of ways to scan the market. But the technical scan offered by DeepInsight is the most powerful approach to find hot stocks or find the ones that are going to move. With lighting speed and one mouse click, you can scan the whole market hot prospects.
    6. Crystal clear charting
      Crystal clear 30-day charting is built into the Daily Analysis, ETF Analysis and Power Scan screens. With one mouse click, you can chart the recent 30-day movement of the most important technical indicators.
    7. Evaluate technical indicators
      The performance of different technical indicators varies considerably from stock to stock. With DeepInsight, users can test, evaluate and therefore find the best performing indicators, and then construct the Auxiliary Mechanical Trading System to use the indicators.
  • What Makes DeepInsight the Best Investment Tool
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