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About DeepInsight
  • What Make DeepInsight the Best Investment Software

    1. DeepInsight is built on scientific foundation
      DeepInsight greatly extends user's decision power by taking all major indicators, market data and industry strength into account simultaneously. The sophisticated decision-making process is not only objective, it is also far more accurate than other trading systems which make the trading decisions based on a single indicator or one formula for all approach.
    2. DeepInsight goes a BIG step further
      For a long time, charting has been the main technical analysis approach. It needs many years of experience to be successful. Now, DeepInsight can learn all that intelligence and more in a few minutes by combining statistical analysis with Neural Networks. Further, the program can back-test the chart patterns and learn what works what doesn't.
    3. DeepInsight generates great performance
      With the best principle and technology, DeepInsight offers unparalleled and consistent performance. The performance has been proved in different markets by tens of thousands of users, including investment firms, professional traders and individual investors in 39 countries.
    4. DeepInsight provides complete functions
      DeepInsight provides complete functions for investment, including: broad market scan, charting, technical analysis, industry ranking, daily prediction, and buy/sell/short trading recommendations.
    5. Free data feed
      FREE Daily data feed is now seamlessly integrated with DeepInsight software, which not only saves you a lot of time but also saves you a lot of money month after month. With a few clicks, you can quickly download all data you need from the internet.
    6. DeepInsight is very easy to use
      Designed for individual investors and professional traders, DeepInsight puts the complex technologies behind the users. No learning needed, most users can work with it immediately. Also most of the process is automated. You will get the analysis results with only a few mouse clicks.
    7. DeepInsight is a low price and high quality product
      With the highest quality and performance in the industry, DeepInsight is priced only a fraction of other products in the market. It gives individual investors a great advantage to use the best professional investment tool.
    8. Great Return on Investment
      The long term benefit of using DeepInsight is significant whether you are a trader or an investor. In today's market, everyone has the same data. The persons who can efficiently effectively analyze the data will gain an edge in the stock market. DeepInsight is the best tool in this area.
  • What is DeepInsight?
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