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What is New
DeepInsight RT Pro V11 New Features
Main new features added in this release:

(1) End-of-Day Trading Models + Real Time Analysis
DeepInsight has been a leading End-of-Day technical analysis and trading system used by tens of thousands of investors world-wide. Now Real Time data feed and Real Time analysis are added to the system. No longer need to wait to the closing, users can run the system any time during the day.

(2) Fundamental Analysis and Stock Screening
Download all fundamental data by one click, rank and screen stocks by fundamental analysis.

(3) Technical Analysis and Stock Screening
Calculate all technical indicators in real time, rank and screen stocks by technical analysis.

(4) Risk Analysis and Stock Screening
Analyze the risk of individual stocks in real time, rank and screen stocks by risk analysis.

(5) Real Time Charting
Provide crystal clear daily charts as well as 1-minute real time charts and analysis.

(6) Trend Line Prediction
Using Neural Networks to analyze and predict trend lines.

Intraday Swing Trading System, CyberTD 4.0, New Features
Main new features:

(1) Empoly Time-Tested, Well Performing Trading Models
A trading Model is an algorithm of buy/sell rules based on real time data, trading patterns, technical indicators and market information. CyberTD 4.0 comes with 15 well performing, time tested trading models suitable for different trading styles. It significantly increased the successful rate and reduced the efforts to try and test what rules or indicators really work what don't.

(2) Trade with Profits
A new Risk Control rule, Make Winning Trade Only, is introduced. When it is set, all money losing trades are avoided. The system will trade a lot less and every closed trade (sell or buy-to-cover) will be profitable.

(3) Real Time Tick Chart
CyberTD 4.0 not only provides real time 1-minute, 2-minute, 3-minute, 4-minute and 5-minute bar charts, it will also let you see what is going on within the 1-minute bar. Every tick is captured and analyzed.

(4) Market Scan
CyberTD 4.0 can quickly scan the US stock markets to find hot stocks and stocks with specific technical prospects. Most important, find stocks that are good candidates for intraday swing trading.

Intraday Swing Trading System, CyberTD 3.0, New Features
Here are the major enhancements:

(1) Improved Algorithm
For real time trading system, it is always a big challenge to decide when to buy when to sell. If too soon, many false trading signals would be generated; if too late, profitable opportunities would be lost. With CyberTD 3.0, the system can analyze multiple real time indicators simultaneously and combine all information to make a trading decision, which significantly increased the accuracy of the system.

(2) Analyze US and World Market Indices in Real Time
Real Time analysis and trading recommendations are now expanded to US indices and all major world market indices. With CyberTD 3.0, you can chart, analyze and predict market trends and short term movement minute by minute, which is very helpful when you trade market indices, futures or e-minis

(3) Risk Control Rules
With risk control rules, users can setup the system to:
Cut the loss at specified level when the stock price moves towards unfavorable direction
Lock profit at specified level when the trend reversed
Buy or sell a position at the best time or best price for the day
Trade once only, twice only or N times only for the day.

(4) Email Real Time Trading Signals
Users can setup the system to email the trading signals of selected stocks to any one. You can run CyberTD at home and email the trading signals to your office or your mobil devices.

(5) Broker Accounts Are no Longer Required
CyberTD 3.0 is a standalone program with its own data feed through the internet. No broker accounts are required to run the software. However, if you want to make trades online or automate your trades, you need a broker account of course.

CyberTD 3.0 is for US stocks, ETFs and indices. It can also be used to analyze and trade stock market indices of all major markets worldwide.

Intraday Swing Trading System, CyberTD 2.0, New Features
Significantly Enhanced Functionality:

(1) Real Time Analysis
It provides real time analysis, real time technical indicators, real time charts and streaming data.

(2) Streaming Signal
Add your stocks or ETFs to Real Time Watch List, the system will provide real time buy, buy-to-cover, sell, sell-short signals during market hours.

(3) Real Time Prediction
The Neural Network system re-calculates all models every 6 seconds to predict the most-possible direction in the next 5 minutes for individual stocks, based on the stock's intraday trading patterns, real time technical indicators and market information.

(4) Strategy Testing Platform
You can test various trading strategies against historical intraday data or real time data. The test is 100 percent objective. It is a powerful tool to help traders find profitable trading strategies and stocks.

(5) Automated Trading Platform
The system is seamlessly integrated with TD Ameritrade backend servers, provides every thing you need to make your real time trading easy, quick and successful. The trade can be placed automatically or manually.

Intraday Swing Trading System, CyberTD 1.0, New Features
The intelligent intraday Swing trading system, CyberTD 1.0, is now available to the public. It provides everything you need to increase your trading profit and control the risk.
CyberTD is for US stocks and ETFs only. DeepInsight V10 Professional works for all stock markets world-wide.

DeepInsight V10 Professional Edition New Features
Main new features:
  1. High Performance Trading System
    We spent large effort and three years to develop the Professional Edition. Most of the effort were on the algorithms and neural networks. The Professional Edition is equipped with 2 neural networks, instead of one from previous versions, to analyze price patterns and volume patterns respectively.

  2. Prediction with Neural Networks
    Predicting stock price is very difficult. Neural networks may be the only known technology that can be constructed to predict market trends, although it is far from perfect.
    DeepInsight Professional Edition is equipped with carefully designed neural networks to predict 3-day price trends.

  3. Advanced Strategy Trading
    Tradings driven by intuition, tips or emotions are rarely successful. Strategy Trading, on the other hand, is a rule-based, back-tested and systematic way to buy/sell stocks. DeepInsight V10 Professional is a great tool for strategy trading. It uses advanced mathematics to analyze thousands of trading strategies and find the best one specifically for each stock. It helps users gain significant edges and achieve success in the markets worldwide.

  4. Out-Of-Sample Test
    The system uses the latest 2 year historical data to train models. Users can download up to 5 year historical data now and test the models in one year to 5 year period in walk forward fashion. There are 3 year data the models never saw. When the test begins, data are added to the system day by day as in real life. It provides users a quick and objective approach to test which models perform well, which ones don't, before trading with real money.

  5. Stop/Loss Strategy Is Built-in
    You can set a stop/loss to further control the investment risk. When the stock price falls to the stop/loss level, a Sell signal is generated.

  6. Create Models at Once
    You can put your stocks to a text file. The system will read the data and create the models at once.
Note: In DeepInsight V10 Professional, each stock is modeled with 2 neural networks. Training, therefore, will be run twice.

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